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Protecting Your Customers' Identities 24/7 with Proactive, Award-Winning Solutions

Protecting Your Customers’ Identities 24/7 with Proactive, Award-Winning Solutions

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Navigating the Data Landscape

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Both online and off, there are risks of having information compromised at every turn. To alleviate the burden of fraud and identity theft, proactive protection is a must.

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EZShield Partner Focus

Six Reasons to
Partner With EZShield

Our commitment to partners and their customers has six critical components that make a powerful difference in how we protect against fraud and identity theft.

Our Partner Experience


Discover the valuable fraud solutions EZShield provides to achieve partners’ goals and extend customers’ peace
of mind.

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It takes an industry expert to create an exceptional customer experience; become well versed in being fraud adverse with tips from our partner blog.

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Live Fraud Feed

Relevant fraud news and protection tips streamed directly to our partners’ websites to make your customers feel valued, informed and protected.

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The Customer Experience

Secure, Monitor, Restore Pie

By entrusting us to secure, monitor and restore your customers’ identities, we give them back the freedom to focus on what matters most.

Our Customer Experience

Personal Protection

Fraud protection solutions to fit your consumers’ busy lives and satisfy their individual needs.

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Business Protection

Comprehensive services designed to meet the unique protection needs of your business customers.

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About EZShield


Fraud derails your customers’ lives. EZShield helps keep them on track with much-needed peace of mind, while also boosting your bottom line, with our industry-leading identity protection services.

Our Overview


For over a decade, EZShield has partnered with businesses in the finance, benefits, insurance and telecommunications industries — addressing the full spectrum of fraud threats for more than 9.3 million customers.

Our History