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EZShield Identity Theft Protection as an Employee Benefit

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Best-in-Class Identity Theft Protection as an Employee Benefit


With 79.1 million Americans falling victim to identity crimes in 2017 — identity theft protection is now an integral component of the voluntary employee benefits landscape.

Identity theft protection as an employee benefit serves a vital need in today’s data-rich world while aiding in workplace productivity and creating an employee enrichment opportunity for employers and benefits providers.

EZShield’s comprehensive protection services safeguard employees’ personal and financial information in addition to securing, monitoring, and restoring their identities from incidents of fraud and identity theft.

Why Partner With EZShield for Voluntary Benefits?

  • Industry-leading products, programs and processes that allow you to customize the right voluntary benefits solutions for your customers.
  • Championing you – EZShield partners with benefits providers to effectively deliver our protection services to employees, so our goals are your goals.
  • Increase value to employees through identity education and tools designed to boost employee engagement while reducing identity theft risks.

Everyone Wins With Identity Theft Protection as an Employee Benefit

Benefits to Brokers

Brokers enjoy aligning with a trusted partner to provide industry-leading identity theft protection to employers. Our in-demand services address modern workforce concerns while fitting into brokers’ existing benefits programs. This allows brokers to leverage more nontraditional voluntary benefits offerings while building trust and revenue.

Benefits to Employers

Boosts retention and productivity by avoiding the employee downtime associated with repairing identity theft and ensuring employees feel engaged, valued and protected. 

Benefits to Employees

Employees receive 24/7 identity theft and fraud support. They also have dedicated access to EZShield’s US-based certified Resolution Specialists. This assistance is paired with convenient online and mobile access of their protection and ongoing education and alerts.