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Category: Partnering with EZShield

Going Above the “Rearview Approach” to Post-Breach ID Protection

Credit Monitoring is Not Enough Post Breach

The Pew Research Center reports 64 percent of Americans have been victims of at least one data breach. 

A data breach occurs when personal or financial information is unlawfully viewed, stolen or used. Exposure can stem from malicious sources, like hacking and theft, or can be seemingly innocent in nature, such as an employee improperly disposing of sensitive files.  Continue reading

What You Need to Know Before Choosing an Identity Protection Provider

In the first six months of 2016, the number of U.S. data breaches soared to over 630 — a rate that puts breaches on pace to overtake last year’s count. Data breaches alone in 2015 resulted in over 169 million stolen records. This impact leads to rampant fraud and identity theft and leaves millions of consumers in dire need of help. That’s where the right identity protection provider comes into play. 

An identity protection provider shouldn’t just offer a speedy solution, but one that fits the particular needs of victims. The ever growing problem of information exposure calls for services that deliver a comprehensive approach to resolve identity crime threats.

To help organizations determine how to meet those demands, the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and its Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group have developed a valuable checklist that helps organizations uncover issues that could stem from a data breach incident. Following these guidelines can help maintain best practices and assist you in choosing the best identity protection provider for your specific needs.

Ready to discover the best identity protection provider so that you can secure the data of your consumer and small business customers? Read the CFA press release “Rising Number of Data Breaches Increases Threat of Identity Fraud” for critical identity protection insight.

CFA 2016 Checklist


PDF version: 7-questions-when-considering-identity-theft-services


Reputable Identity Protection: It’s What’s Inside That Counts

As kids, we’re given many nuggets of wisdom. One that continues to ring true throughout our lives is that it’s what’s inside that counts.

Follow this same sound advice when selecting reputable identity protection for your customers to ensure the greatest satisfaction and success of your program.

A recent study found that 34 percent of consumers would either discontinue business or give less business to a company where their information had been compromised.

Similar to test driving a car, you should experience identity protection services firsthand. Delve into how it works inside and out to gain valuable insight to what you and your customers can expect.

We invite you to peel back the layers to see how we secure, monitor and restore customers’ identities. We want to reveal to you the inner workings of what makes our service so effective.

You’ll find our Online Identity Vault™, which offers your customers encrypted data storage, password management and a vital mechanism to monitor their stored information.  You will also discover a highly-trained team of professionals dedicated to delivering comprehensive and reputable identity protection solutions around the clock.

While you’re getting acquainted with the service benefits, it’s important to keep in mind that your customers have lots of choices. Providing them with our identity protection gives them another great reason to choose you. It’s a matter of strengthening your competitive advantage in the marketplace, which our ID Restoration Pro service does with ease.

EZShield is the key differentiator that will add meaningful value for your customers and a new revenue stream for your organization.

Kick the tires!

Why Should Award-Winning Identity Protection Service Matter to You?

When you’re the recipient of an award, it’s exciting and motivational. If you’re an award-winning business, you celebrate the accomplishment as a team and appreciate being acknowledged for the tremendous collaborative effort. All in all, it’s a very meaningful experience for everyone involved. This is most certainly the case for EZShield with our recent and third consecutive win as Best Overall Identity Protection Leader from Javelin Strategy & Research. 

Celebrations aside, what does this award mean for you — an entity in the market for identity protection service?

It means that by partnering with us, you have a reputable, valuable and convenient service at your disposable to secure, monitor and restore your customers’ identities.

You can rely on our strong reputation as an identity protection provider. We have, and continue to deliver industry-leading, high-value solutions for a multitude of identity crimes targeting consumers and small businesses. We have grown from a single strong check fraud protection service to a comprehensive identity protection provider receiving top rankings in prevention, detection and resolution. This enables our partners to help protect their customers’ identities with this same reliable and reputable service.

Delivering what consumers and small businesses need and want drives value. They want low cost service, which we package just for you. They need service that’s always on and ready to tackle identity crimes as they occur. That’s why we’re available 24/7. Our U.S.-based certified Resolution Specialists provide one-on-one dedicated care in the event of fraud or identity theft, even working on behalf of the customer if desired. 

While your customers are appreciating this outstanding assistance, you’ll value the added revenue stream and customer retention that our service generates.

Our convenience to partners begins with seamless program implementation and customer integration that continues through comprehensive service delivery and regular communications. We follow stringent methods to collect, store and dispose of data, using triple-layer encryption to ensure the highest level of security. 

For our partners’ customers, our convenience hinges on our 24/7 customer support. Additionally, we offer our mobile app DashAccess for on-the-go account access and visibility. Timely tips, vital alerts and monthly educational content combine to deliver the ultimate in accessibility and confidence.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits that EZShield has to offer, are you ready to enjoy the rewards? Schedule a demo to experience the award-winning service you can extend to your customers.

How Exploring Emerging Fraud Threats Puts You Ahead of the Odds

Staying on top of consumer and small business fraud risks is critical to the security and success of your financial institution. Hand-in-hand with being attuned to identity crimes, you must be able to help customers protect against them. This keeps you compliant with industry regulations and fulfills your customers’ expectations.

So how do you ensure such a positive outcome for you and your customers?

View our latest webinar Strategies to Protect Banking Customers from Emerging Fraud Schemes, which I recently presented with fraud expert Al Pascual of Javelin Strategy & Research.

Our discussion delves into new findings surrounding current and evolving fraud threats, how customers view your role in their protection and how you can strengthen customer relationships while growing your revenue with industry-leading identity protection.

Take advantage of this complimentary webinar now.

Emerging Fraud Threats Webinar

This Is It! The Ticket to Become Your Customers’ Trusted Content Source

When was the last time you evaluated the fraud and identity theft information you provide customers?

If you had to think about your answer for more than two seconds, not only is it time to reevaluate, but there was yet another victim of identity fraud.

The fact is, identity crimes persist — affecting 38.3 million Americans in 2015 per Javelin Strategy and Research. Such a damaging issue demands ongoing attention, proactive protection and prompt action, the combination of which provides the most effective strategy.

So why the focus on content? And how does it even fit into this strategy?

If it is the right (timely, clear, accessible) content, it integrates with all aspects of your identity protection plan for a perfect fit. The goal of this content is to clear up consumer confusion around identity crimes: what they are, why they happen, how they can be prevented and how to recover from them.

This starts with regularly updated fraud, data breach and scam news. It should highlight the details of what occurred and provide guidance to help avoid or reduce one’s impact from the situation — all with a levelheaded approach.

Valuable content does not rely on hype, but rather diffuses it.

Need another reason to supply compelling content? Consumers are information seekers. They want to be in the know. Providing customers with that level of up-to-date content empowers them and makes you a valued resource. In turn, it deepens customer trust and loyalty. Sixty-two percent of millennials indicate that online content drives their brand loyalty, according to NewCred.   

On the other hand, if your content is outdated, customers will be left scouring for information on their own, which means they’ll be navigating away from your site.   

Now that you know what the “right” content can and should do for you, it’s time to deliver it A.S.A.P. One of the best ways to make that happen is by partnering with EZShield.  We enable our partners to easily provide outstanding fraud and identity theft information to their customers via EZShield’s communication platforms or directly to the partner’s website using our Live Fraud Feed. 

And we can’t overstate how easy it is to implement the Live Fraud Feed either. We supply the JavaScript to copy and paste into the partner’s HTML just once upon set-up.

As creators and purveyors of award-winning* content, from our EZShield social platforms to our educational blog and our email communications for partners and their customers to our mobile app, we have the meaningful and far-reaching messaging to bring your content up to speed. The timely speed consumers expect.

How do we do it? Fueled by our industry expertise and commitment to delivering leading identity protection services through our secure platform, we remain tapped into the latest fraud and scam news, data breaches, data security vulnerabilities, information protection regulations, encryption technology and all other relevant identity crime news.

How can you take advantage? Harness this valuable information through our Live Fraud Feed to keep your customers in the know.  

It’s as simple as…

  1. Deciding where you want our content to appear on your website
  2. A one-time copy and paste of our JavaScript into your HTML
  3. Enjoying our live content on your site from any device

Learn more about our Live Fraud Feed and connect with us today to deliver award-winning content that makes you a trusted source your customers can grow to depend on.

Download our free Live Fraud Feed data sheet.


* 2016 Communicator Award Winners in 10 categories.


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