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Consumer Products

Industry-Leading Solutions to Secure, Monitor and Restore Your Customers’ Identities

EZShield’s Personal Products provide convenient and secure fraud solutions that are made to fit your customers’ busy lives and your organization’s changing needs.

Named the Identity Protection Services Leader by Javelin Strategy and Research for three years, EZShield proudly offers world-class protection that is backed by our unwavering commitment to our partners and their customers.

Javelin 2016 Best Overall

EZShield’s Identity Crime Protection from EZShield.

Industry-Leading Solutions to Secure, Monitor and Restore Your Customers’ Identities

What is the driving force behind our industry-leading fraud solutions? Our high-value, low-cost base product — ID Restoration Pro.

ID Restoration Pro provides sought-after fraud and identity theft solutions that leverage EZShield’s innovative secure, monitor and restore approach to protect and repair your customers’ good name in the event of theft or fraud.

Partners can put their customers’ minds at ease while achieving their business goals through enhanced loyalty, additional revenue streams and a boost to their bottom line. 

ID Restoration Pro

ID Restoration Pro

Secure Your Personal Information

Online Identity VaultTM

  • Encrypt personal information
  • Encrypted documents & images

Password Manager

  • Encrypted password storage and generator tool

Expert protection tips & timely news

  • Activity report
  • Breach & fraud news alerts

Restore Your Identity

US-based Certified Resolution Specialist

  • Fully-managed restoration services
  • 1-on-1 dedicated care

End2End Defense® 32-step restoration process

  • For lost/stolen wallet, breached data, fraud or ID theft
  • Designed to discover, isolate and prevent future fraud

24/7 live support

Enhance Offerings to Drive Added Value:
ID Restoration Pro Upgrade Options

EZShield’s Personal Products are designed to be customized with advanced upgrade options, and are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Once a partner selects a base product to add value to their core product or program, their customers can choose from our extensive suite of fraud protection products according to their budget and changing needs.

Customer upgrade options include:


Family ID Restoration Pro

To protect loved ones, a customer can extend family members the same fraud protection amenities they receive with ID Restoration Pro.

Id Theft Insurance

Identity Theft Insurance

Up to $25,000 reimbursed for identity theft-related expenses, including lost wages, which were incurred during the time a customer is protected by EZShield.

Internet Monitoring

Internet Monitoring

Daily monitoring for personal information (stored in a customer’s Online Identity Vault) sold on black market websites.

Quarterly Credit Score

Quarterly Credit Score

A customer can track their credit activity with a 1-bureau credit score that is updated on a quarterly basis, and gain insight into how their score is impacted.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

Daily scans of a customer’s 1-bureau or 3-bureau credit report. The customer will be alerted to any changes in their credit file and requested to verify their validity.

Credit Report

Credit Report

A customer’s credit report is assessed to detect signs of identity theft and spot errors that may negatively impact their score.

Public Records Monitoring

Public Records Monitoring

Alerts a customer when there are changes to their identity in public records.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Sex Offender Monitoring
Monitors a national sex offender database and alerts customers to changes within their zip code.

Payday Loans Monitoring

Payday Loans Monitoring
Provides alerts for any activity in non-credit loan vendors’ records that relate to the customer’s identity.

Names and Address Monitoring

Names and Address Monitoring
Identifies the different names and addresses associated with a customer.

Change of Address Monitoring

Change of Address Monitoring
Monitors for any activity containing a customer’s address in the US Postal Service Change of Address system.

Change of Address Monitoring

Court Records Monitoring
Monitors for activity detected in criminal records, connected with a customer’s identity, from 50 states, 480+ counties and other jurisdictions totaling more than 60 million court records.