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Create an Employee Benefits Program Every Generation Will Want

Multi Generation Benefits

There’s never been a more exciting time to be at the helm of a corporate team. The American workforce is experiencing a rather incredible phenomenon — four distinct generations currently make up the labor force. This is the most generations to share office space in our country’s history. 

With Silents, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials all potentially on the same team, it’s important to remember that each generation is starkly different. They all hold their own values, needs, communication styles and even work habits. These attributes can vary considerably from generation to generation and pleasing everyone involved can become tricky, especially when creating your employee benefits program.

At EZShield, we’ve developed proven identity protection plans for employees aimed at satisfying such diverse generational differences. Let’s break down these generational dispositions to discover how EZShield can help you fine tune your employee benefits offerings accordingly.

Understanding Generational Differences

The Silent Generation (Born 1922 to 1945)

If there’s a Silent on your team, consider yourself very lucky! Silents currently make up only 3.7 percent of the workforce today, as many Silents have already retired. They’re loyal to their company, hard-working and respect authority. However, they can be tech-challenged and overwhelmed by the amount of personal information they have to manage as well as the growing cybersecurity threats they face each day.

EZShield can help you keep these rare assets on your team, as our plans offer easy-to-understand educational content, 24/7 live support and a team of identity experts who are always watching out for them.

Best of all, in the event of an identity crime, they work directly with a U.S.-based certified Resolution Specialist, never a computer or online chat. Our specialists help Silents understand how the incident happened, isolate the incident and offer tools to prevent it from happening again. This world-class approach to customer service ensures they can focus on what’s important — their work.

Baby Boomers (Born 1946 to 1964)

Work-centric, goal-oriented and independent — this motivated generation likely makes up a fair share of your current team. Baby Boomers are among of the most career-oriented individuals and take great pride in their workplace accomplishments.

While this driven generation is certainly dedicated, they’re currently feeling the impending pressures of retirement. Many Baby Boomers were sidetracked from retirement during the recession, so to put it lightly — they’re tired of uncertainties. Baby Boomers want an employee benefit that can help them anticipate the unexpected and feel secure in their next steps.

This is likely why Baby Boomers love EZShield. We take a proactive approach to identity protection by helping users prevent identity theft before it happens. With secure online storage, expert educational content, advanced monitoring and world-class restoration — Baby Boomers can be confident that their identity is safeguarded from every angle, allowing them to better plan for tomorrow.

Generation X (Born 1965 to 1979)

Generation X was shaped by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the birth of the personal computer and everything in between. They’re tech-savvy, independent and strive for work-life balance. While these qualities make them autonomous at work, they’re facing enormous lifestage pressures that are certainly having spillover.

According to AARP, “in 2012, 42 percent of Generation X had a financially dependent child along with a parent over 65.” These stresses are far too important to ignore. It’s up to you to keep your Gen Xers on the right path by addressing these points of stress and catering to their need for work-life balance.

Offer benefits that help save time and money and are family-oriented. That’s why Gen Xers appreciate that EZShield Identity Crime Protection extends to their family and includes robust upgrade options such as advanced monitoring and credit services.

Millennials (Born 1980 to 1995)

In 2016, Millennials surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest generation in the workforce. They are the most diverse and digitally-connected generation in the workforce. They were shaped by the birth of social networking, the recession and 9/11.

Millennials aren’t as keen on traditional benefits as their coworkers and prefer benefits that act as “lifestyle” solutions and help them keep a centered work-life balance. Millennials love that EZShield is offered on-the-go with convenient online and mobile access, timely news and alerts and an award-winning social experience. These benefits keep Millennials focused while fulfilling their work-life balance wish list.

A Benefit to Satisfy Every Generation: EZShield Identity Protection

Take a quick review of every generation’s unique needs and you’ll likely catch two major benefits wish list themes: ensuring personal and financial security and maintaining a strong work-life balance.

EZShield directly addresses both while combatting one of the top consumer concerns — identity theft. Our award-winning identity protection services have tailored features that can help all of your employees protect themselves.

For more information on EZShield Identity Crime Protection, schedule a demo today.

About Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy is the Chief Operating Officer at Sontiq, the parent company of the EZShield and IdentityForce brands. She has over 20 years of experience in Operations, Client Management and Human Resources and is responsible for all aspects of business operations, including Customer Support and Client Services, Human Resources, Administration and Risk Management.

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