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We’ll configure, launch and host a website or landing pages to support the education and activation of your users.



EZShield uses a secure, enterprise grade email platform to deliver and optimize email campaigns.

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You can offer your customers a mobile application with an optimized email and web experience.

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24/7 Support


If your customers ever have a question about our solution, they have a live, caring professional to speak with who is available 24x7x365.

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We will work with you to develop presentations, brochures and collateral to effectively communicate the value of our programs, products and services.

Benefits of Comprehensive Communication

Added Value

Added Value

Built into any EZShield program is a communications plan. We provide email communications, printed collateral and a website to support your program. This allows you to focus on your business goals and enhance the value of your existing products. These communications are a critical part of your customers understanding and appreciation for the services you are providing.

Email Communication


Let’s face it: protecting your identity takes some effort. EZShield makes it easy for your customers, but it requires a basic level of engagement to protect yourself effectively. Once a customer is enrolled in EZShield services, if we have an email address, we send them a monthly activity report containing relevant news and tips focused on protecting their identity from the ever-growing risks of fraud. Your customers are kept up-to-date with recent scams and breaches — education that makes them smarter consumers who are less susceptible to fraud.

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Not only do we send these communications, but we are happy to share the metrics with you so you can see how engaged your customers are. We will share email open rates, click-thru activity, activations, and basic website statistics. We are here to make sure your program is a success, and metrics are an important part of ensuring that happens.

Customize how you want to inform your customers about their protection.