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Recapping Deluxe Exchange 2019: Key Takeaways from the EZShield Team

Deluxe Exchange Recap

EZShield was proud to participate as the Platinum Sponsor of Deluxe Exchange 2019, a prominent U.S. financial services conference. Industry leaders from across the nation converged on Miami, FL, to engage in thought-provoking discussions around strategies for market growth, as well as the latest innovations in fintech.

It was also a privilege for the EZShield team to host three sessions. Below is a recap of each, along with some key takeaways.

Roundtable Discussion: Customer Experience, Omnichannel Delivery, and Digital & Mobile Innovation in Banking

To kick things off at Deluxe Exchange 2019, we were delighted to host a roundtable discussion led by Al Pascual, Senior Vice President of Research and Head of Fraud & Security at Javelin Strategy & Research. Al and others talked about attracting and retaining customers by taking a holistic approach, from providing a tailored customer experience to ensuring you remain relevant as technologies emerge. Not only do customers want to be empowered to manage their daily finances, but they also require exceptional service from the institution they trust to keep their money safe. 

There were many useful takeaways from this engaging roundtable, but they centered around the following key points:

  • Deploying customer experience strategies to meet the changing needs of customers is critical for financial institutions (FIs)
  • Banks must use engaging omnichannel strategies to deliver their services to account holders where they are, when they need them
  • The digital landscape is advancing, and FIs need to protect their organization and account holders with innovations such as identity protection and mobile threat defense

Solution Studio Showcased New Mobile Defense Suite™

EZShield was proud to host a special presentation within DX19’s Solution Studio, where we engaged audience members with an exclusive hands-on and interactive demo of our Mobile Defense Suite, the industry’s first pure-play identity theft protection paired with mobile cybersecurity.

Jason Wagner, our Director of Product Management, gave an insightful demonstration of the features and benefits of Mobile Defense Suite, and why having mobile threat defense in place is a critical component for all businesses, but especially for financial institutions. Here is a brief clip of Jason in the Solution Studio.

Breakout Session: Success Stories Amid a Turbulent Age of Relentless Threats

deluxe presenation

The third of EZShield’s hosted events was an in-depth breakout session, Success Stories Amid a Turbulent Age of Relentless Threats, presented by EZShield’s Executive VP of Sales, John Evans, and Chief Operating Officer, Angela Murphy.

 This data-driven presentation addressed the most pressing threat for financial institutions, cybercrime and fraud, and how banks can fight back to protect themselves and their customers while at the same time driving revenue and improving retention.

Some of the significant points covered by Angela and John included:

  • Fraud and identity theft have a significant impact on both the account holder and the financial institution, especially as related to customer retention
  • A shift towards mobile banking has opened the floodgates for a new wave of cybercrime targeting FIs
  • Empowering customers with a value-add service like identity protection and mobile security leads to increased revenues and improved loyalty

3rd Annual eBook: The Financial Institution’s Guide to Protecting Account Holders in 2019

If you were unable to attend Deluxe Exchange, or missed out on EZShield’s sessions during the conference, there’s no need to worry! Much of what we covered (and more) is highlighted in our annual eBook to support our partners in the financial services industry.

Get your complimentary copy today! 

FI eBook on Preventing Identity Crimes

We’d like to thank Deluxe for once again setting the stage for an empowering and engaging event, and for their partnership and collaboration, which has spanned more than 10 years. We’re proud to work alongside our colleagues at Deluxe, to provide financial institutions with innovative digital identity protection and world-class resolution services that truly retain customers for life.

About Rich Scott

Rich is the Chief Revenue Officer of Sontiq, the parent company of the EZShield and IdentityForce brands. He is expert at developing strategies to transform and inspire high-performance teams to produce award-winning results. Rich is focused on covering innovation around identity theft and crime protection, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and consumer and business mobile trends.

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