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Employee Testimonials

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Our Employees inspire us everyday.

To maintain this great culture, we’ve identified the type of people who are most successful here, and what they have in common. Each of us must demonstrate professionalism, integrity, the ability to think strategically and make a positive impact, and of course, they must have a great sense of humor!

Just ask someone who works here…

“At EZShield teamwork means that each department and group depends on each other and we all work together in order to make our customers happy and this company a success…”

Terese, Customer Support

“We believe people come first. We treat each other with mutual respect and appreciation. That is why I work here!”

Michael, Operations

“My commitment to my customers and coworkers means taking care of them as if they were family. Giving every individual 100% focus when working with them on issues or even non-issues. At the end of the day, I want people feeling happy and taken care of…”

Jason, Help Desk

“We constantly look for ways to turn “good enough” into “even better”, and we are not afraid to try new ideas…”

Keisha, Human Resources