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Integrity & Compliance

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Meet & Exceed
Regulatory Requirements

While Increasing Your Bottom Line &
Enhancing Customer Loyalty

What we do:

  • Provide products and services that are easy to understand and deliver valuable protection
  • Deliver consistently across all channels
  • Provide clear communications to ensure clarity and customer understanding
  • Embed fee-based services or sell services at a price that reflects the value

What we don’t do:

  • Provide complicated products and services that customers cannot understand
  • Provide services at a cost that cannot be delivered
  • Hide program details and hope they forget about it
  • Embed services with fees or sell services with pricing that does not reflect the value delivered – breakage pricing or overpriced services

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Integrity and Compliance

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How Do We Do It?

Base Products and Service Upgrades

Simple Products & Services

At EZShield we make it easy for you to deliver the solutions your customers need, while adding value to your core product. You can even build onto our base products to further increase the value.

Mobile Access

Consistent Delivery
Across All Channels

The core of our services can be leveraged via phone, Internet or mobile. We recognize that everyone has different preferences for interacting with us in the event of fraud. Depending on the feature of the service, the benefits can be received across the appropriate channel. For example, our secure online wallet is accessible via the Internet or mobile. If your customers have monitoring services, they can receive their alerts via email, SMS, the mobile app or a call from us if that is preferred.


Communication Consultation to
Ensure Clarity & Understanding

Clear customer communication is a critical component to a successful program. Whether you are adding services to your existing product (i.e. a checking account) or selling the services as an add-on to your core product, it is crucial to have the right communication vehicles in place. Some of those communications we provide as a part of the program, and some we will assist you with communicating to your customers.

Pricing Consultation

Pricing Consultation to
Reflect Value of Services

Your pricing is just one of the components of a successful program. If you are adding value to an existing product, then the increased pricing of that product needs to reflect the value added. Likewise, if the product is going to be sold, it is critical that the pricing represents the value of the services. If some of the services are only available if the customer goes online to “activate” them, the pricing needs to align with that model.

If you currently have a program that does not meet or exceed these basic principles, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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Ensure customer trust with compliance-enhancing products and services.

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