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Explore EZShield’s Suite of Employee Identity Protection Plans

Selecting the right employee identity protection plan can be a challenging task, but it’s one more and more employers are taking on. 

In recent years, employers are increasingly integrating identity protection plans into their employee work-life integration initiatives, and the pay-back is impressive. 

Interestingly, these initiatives are so successful, that 70 percent of employers plan to offer ID protection by 2018.

Employee identity protection plans minimize time away from work, employee stress and financial strain. Don’t forget — the average identity theft victim loses $600 out-of-pocket and spends up to 18 hours trying to resolve the matter. Most of this time is spent during working hours, when banks and credit bureaus are available to assist victims.

As a leader in employee identity protection plans, EZShield makes it easy to incorporate this valuable offering into your benefits program. Let’s explore our award-winning protection plans to find the one that’s perfect for you, your employees and your budget.

Employee Identity Protection Plans:

EZShield Essential

Essential, EZShield’s base identity protection plan, sets the foundation for protection. Employees and their families can access proactive security tools using their Online Identity VaultTM , as well as best-in-class restoration services. If an identity threat occurs, a certified Resolution Specialist will work one-on-one with them to resolve the matter.

This is ideal for benefits providers seeking a low-cost, high-value enhancement to their benefits package. This plan is exceptionally popular, as it offers a direct lifeline to a live expert. Our educational content also keeps employees aware of potential threats, leaving them feeling empowered.

EZShield Enhanced

Enhanced takes a more proactive approach to protection; a critical feature in today’s increasingly connected world. Employees enjoy all the benefits of Essential plus daily Internet Monitoring.

Internet Monitoring scans black market websites for signs of an employee’s personal information. These sites are areas of the dark web where criminals buy and sell personal information (often stolen in data breaches) to facilitate identity crimes. If personal information is detected, the employee is alerted and restoration services are deployed.

These services are critical in early identity threat detection, especially after a data breach.

This is ideal for employees who have been victims of a data breach or are highly involved in online activities, where their data can easily be compromised.

EZShield Elite

Elite delivers comprehensive identity protection for employees and their families. It includes everything in Enhanced plus a suite of credit and monitoring services that can quickly identify potential threats and minimize impact.

Our systems actively scan credit and public records databases for changes associated with an employee or their family member’s identity and quickly alert them to possible fraudulent activity.

This is ideal for high-risk employees, even those who have already been a victim of identity theft or fraud, as they are at an increased risk of re-victimization. Elite also compliments financial wellness programs and can help employees stay on top of their credit health.

The Perfect Plan, The Perfect Partner

While selecting the right employee identity protection plan is important, choosing the right partner is even more critical to your success.

EZShield services are the same ones you’d find in a high-end retail offering — but they’re offered at a low cost through EZShield’s employee benefits program. Employers can leverage our knowledge and expertise as an industry leader and the #1 rated best-in-class provider for three years running to add significant value to their benefits program without adding significant cost.

Don’t just take our word for it. Experience the EZShield difference for yourself by scheduling a demo to learn more about our employee identity protection plans. This exclusive look will help nail down the right plan for your needs and answer any of your lingering questions about this growing employee benefit.

About Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy is the Chief Operating Officer at Sontiq, the parent company of the EZShield and IdentityForce brands. She has over 20 years of experience in Operations, Client Management and Human Resources and is responsible for all aspects of business operations, including Customer Support and Client Services, Human Resources, Administration and Risk Management.

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