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We’re Partner-Driven.
That’s the Key EZShield Difference.

Let your customers know you value the
security of their personal information.

Be their source for fraud protection 
by partnering with EZShield.

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Assure customer satisfaction with EZShield’s valuable services

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Enhance customer relationships with EZShield services dedicated to reinforcing loyalty

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Fulfill your customers’ expectations–you are their source of protection against identity theft and fraud


Award-winning ID protection
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What Makes EZShield 
a Great Partner?

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We understand that customers look to you as their preferred source for fraud and identity protection services.

As a trusted financial services provider, your customers depend on you. EZShield wants to help you build that trust by providing valuable, low-cost services that enhance your customer relationships. EZShield provides these services only through partnerships. Rest assured, your customers remain your customers.

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Fraud and identity protection
partnerships are our specialties and have been since 2001.

Inspired by the need to protect consumers against check fraud, EZShield was established to help customers recover from such an event by providing the advancement of funds and fraud resolution. We initially began partnering with check printers, but have expanded our services to financial institutions, insurance companies, and payroll and benefits companies.


Your Business is 
Our Focus.

It all starts with you.


Understanding Your Goals

Are you seeking ways to grow revenue, enhance your product line or strengthen customer loyalty? EZShield can help.


Choose Your Program

Enhance your existing offerings by embedding EZShield services into your core product. Utilize EZShield services as add-on features or to provide incentive to your customers. Learn More >>


Select Your Base Products

Choose to provide your customers with consumer or business products to increase the value of your products or services. Learn More >>


Leverage World-Class Processes

Rely on our best-in-class processes for enrollment, marketing support, security and compliance. Learn More >>