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ID Crimes 101

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Identity crime strikes 96,439 Americans every day.**


Victims must take a detour from their daily routines to navigate through loopholes, ineffective processes and tricky terminology to restore their good name. Imagine the relief of having a trusted ally in the fight against identity crimes?

With EZShield, you do.


Creating Clarity in a Cloudy Space

EZShield is committed to creating clarity in the cloudy space of identity crimes. Customers gain visibility of their protection while receiving relevant, easy-to-understand fraud education through our blog, Fighting Identity Crimes.

Fighting Identity Crimes

Fighting Identity Crimes, launched in 2014, stands as the pillar of EZShield’s educational efforts. Resources include personal and small business education, proactive identity theft tips and breach and scam alerts.

Providing clear information empowers consumers to minimize their risk, while reassuring them that our team of fraud experts will always have their back if they should experience a bump in the road.


Clarity in Action:
Identity Crimes Defined

At EZShield, we define three forms of identity crimes:

Lost/Stolen PII

1. Lost/Stolen Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

PII is any information that distinguishes you as an individual, such as your name or Social Security number. Once this information is lost, stolen or exposed in a data breach, you run an increased risk of fraud or identity theft.

computer 2

Nearly 1 in 3 data breach victims suffered an identity crime in 2016.**

Identity Fraud

2. Payments Fraud

Fraud is the unauthorized access and use of existing accounts. Credit card and check fraud are two common forms of misuse.

piggy 2017

Americans lost $16 billion to fraud in 2016.*

Identity Theft

3. Identity theft

Theft occurs when stolen PII is fraudulently used to open new accounts in your name. Perpetrators may open new lines of credit, obtain official documents, or purchase property using your identity.

hour glass

On average, it takes about 18 hours to resolve an identity theft incident.**


Data Breaches and Identity Theft

There’s an unsettling trend that adds to cloudy space of identity crimes — data breaches.

Data breaches exposed over 174M million confidential records in 2017.***

Major corporations such as Equifax, Yahoo, Uber and Dow Jones & Company have all suffered security lapses resulting in widespread exposure of their customers’ personal and financial information. These breaches serve as the gateway for international financial crime and can plague victims for years to come.

Fighting Identity Crimes acts as the first responder in the wake of a breach. By alerting consumers of large-scale breaches, EZShield customers can react quickly and seek additional assistance from one of our certified Resolution Specialists if needed.

data breaches

Data breaches exposed over 174 million confidential records in 2017.***


Changing Expectations

The latest string of data breaches has served as a wake-up call for consumers. More individuals now wish to address these threats head on and are taking serious actions to assure they are being cared for.

If their checking account is compromised, 17% of consumers will switch financial institutions.*

EZShield is committed to partnering with trusted providers that can help in protecting customers’ personal information by providing award-winning products, world-class support and timely education to alleviate the risk of identity crimes.

While there will continue to be challenges in the landscape, EZShield will always be here to help fill in the gaps.


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You have an important opportunity to address identity crimes — a problem impacting consumers every two seconds. Consumers are in dire need of the right solution against these significant threats — one that secures, monitors and restores. Become the source for delivering such trusted protection against fraud and identity theft, and your customers will thank you with their loyalty.

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Alleviate the burden of identity crimes that compromise personal information, finances and time to enjoy life. EZShield’s proactive solutions help customers stay on track so they can focus on what matters most to them. These services are executed using our one-on-one, world-class support to ensure every customer receives industry-leading care.

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**Javelin Strategy Fraud Report 2017
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