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EZShield Remains
Javelin Identity Protection Leader

Javelin Best Overall

In a world where identity crimes are rampant (35.2 million impacted in the U.S. in 2016), our services consistently meet and exceed the identity protection needs of partners and their customers.

How we’ve built an award-winning foundation

Our People:

Dedicated team of professionals
Committed to continuous improvement

Our Processes:

Service delivery through a secure, encrypted platform
Strict adherence to compliance regulations

Our Promise:

Clear messaging across all of our communication channels
24/7 assistance and one-on-one care

What it means to be the Best Overall solution

EZShield Leader in Prevention

Leader in Prevention (Secure)

Considered the greatest defense against identity theft and fraud, prevention is the most heavily-weighted category. We provide extensive measures to proactively secure personal information. This includes empowering consumers and small businesses with timely news, breach/scam alerts and critical educational tips to protect themselves every day.

EZShield Leader in Detection

Leader in Detection (Monitor)

Keeping tabs on financial and online accounts, Internet-stored personal information, credit files, public records and more yields dynamic monitoring capabilities. This array of methods is most advantageous for detection of compromised information.

EZShield Leader in Resolution

Leader in Resolution (Restore)

Having access to our dedicated Resolution Specialists available to work on a customer’s behalf is invaluable. Specialists follow our 32-step End2End Defense® to provide an extraordinary level of care — saving customers time and ensuring no restoration step is left undone. The ultimate goal is to help prevent future fraud.

How we’re best for delivering high- value
solutions at a low cost

EZShield Value: received 2016 Javelin Identity Protection Excellence in Economy product tier

Aligning with consumers’ needs for identity protection services, our value package delivers prevention (secure) and resolution (restore) components to reduce risks and rectify incidents.

EZShield Gold: received 2016 Javelin Identity Protection Excellence in Mid-range product tier

Taking protection a step further, our gold package also includes monitoring features to enhance customers’ overall safeguards against identity crime threats.

Who is Javelin?

JAVELIN, a Greenwich Associates LLC company, provides strategic insights into customer transactions, increasing sustainable profits for financial institutions, government, payments companies, merchants and other technology providers. Javelin’s independent insights result from a uniquely rigorous three-dimensional research process that assesses customers, providers, and the transactions ecosystem.

What does our Javelin award history look like?

Over the years, we have been recognized by Javelin with a multitude of identity protection provider awards.


  • Best Overall Identity Protection Leader
  • Identity Protection Leader in Prevention
  • Identity Protection Leader in Detection
  • Identity Protection Leader in Resolution


  • Best Overall Identity Protection Services Leader
  • Identity Protection Services Leader in Prevention
  • Identity Protection Services Leader Top 5 in Detection
  • Identity Protection Services Leader in Resolution


  • Best in Class — Identity Protection Services
  • Best in Prevention — Identity Protection Services
  • Best in Resolution — Identity Protection Services
  • Top 5 in Detection — Identity Protection Services