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Customers have a choice. Make their decision easier and give them an even greater reason to choose your financial institution, your insurance company or member benefits.

That is the leverage an EZShield partnership provides; equipping you to help fight the ever-growing number of fraud sources, thereby, making you a customer’s source for fraud solutions.

And while your organization delivers award-winning fraud protection, you will have the dual benefit of growing your bottom line.

As a partner of EZShield, you reap the rewards of Best in Class fraud protection, as recognized by Javelin Strategy & Research in its 2013 Identity Protection Services Scorecard.

“Javelin’s seventh annual Identity Protection Services Scorecard examines the issues affecting consumer adoption of identity protection services and the means by which service providers can maximize their share of an increasingly consolidated market.”

In their report, Javelin states, “EZShield wins Best in Class with impressive prevention, detection and resolution capabilities. With the exception of the detection category, where it placed second to Lifelock, EZShield positioned itself as a market leader, performing best in both prevention and resolution categories in 2013.”

Let’s take a look at some of the findings highlighted in each section of the report.


The criteria that focused on Prevention included: consumer fraud education, availability of alerts and the use of online and mobile authentication. Javelin emphasizes the importance of mobile, stating: “Mobile devices facilitate more frequent and immediate access to identity protection services, which is of critical importance in an industry searching for improved loyalty and growth.”

Prevention Top 5

1. EZShield
2. Intelius, TransUnion
4. AllClear ID
5. IdentityForce, Fifth Third Bank


The Detection category focused on the traditional monitoring services (credit, Internet monitoring, social media, and public records monitoring), alerts across several channels, and financial account protection. While most programs offer some level of these services, the addition of a family monitoring option, helped EZShield find its spot in second place in this category.

Detection Top 5

1. LifeLock
2. EZShield
3. AllClear ID, Identity Guard
5. ID WatchDog


EZShield’s genesis in the area of resolution positions us as the most consistent in the category, with a win or tie for win for the last 3 out 4 years. This category is focused on: insurance or service guarantee, resolution accessibility, public and medical record resolution, and case monitoring.

Resolution Top 5

1. EZShield, IdentityForce
3. Affinion Group
4. TransUnion
5. keepmyID.org

Another noteworthy finding in the Javelin study is that consumers continue to look to their financial institution to provide them identity protection services.

Financial Institutions remain a preferred source for identity protection services

The best for you and your customers:

  • Comprehensive protection services to address multiple sources of fraud
  • Product delivery strengthened through strategic partnerships
  • Ongoing communication to educate and remind consumers about their protection
  • Supporting compliance and best practices recommended by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Javelin Strategy & Research provides strategic insights into customer transactions, increasing sustainable profits for financial institutions, government, payments companies, merchants and technology providers.

©2013 Javelin Strategy & Research, a division of Greenwich Associates. All rights reserved. The research documentation was licensed solely to EZShield Inc. and cannot be reproduced by any other organization without permission of Javelin Strategy & Research.

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