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Life at EZShield

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Get to know more about life at EZShield — our business, our culture, and our benefits.

Just as EZShield is committed to delivering exceptional service to our customers, we are equally committed to creating an environment where people can reach their greatest potential. Every day we find new opportunities to challenge ourselves, to ask questions and solve problems together. We set very lofty goals, and then, we enjoy working together to accomplish them.

We invite you to get to know us — our business, our culture, and our benefits. You’ll be sure to find that it’s the inspiring combination of stimulating work, continuous innovation, collaboration, and our exceptional team, that makes EZShield an invigorating place to work!

Values and Culture

Every company has its own culture and personality, and we believe ours is particularly unique! A company’s culture is shaped by the way its people interact with each other, the way they think about their work and the business, and the way they behave every day.

Ever work in an environment in which your contribution is valued, your work has impact, and you’re respected because of the unique perspective you bring? This is the crux of the EZShield culture!

The EZShield Balance represents what we believe in as an Organization. They are the fundamental principles that guide us in our day-to-day business activities. We embrace and model these values in order to create a positive and rewarding experience for our partners, customers, colleagues, community, suppliers, and candidates.

Confidence & Humilty

The confidence to make decisions that impact the organization and lead coworkers in a particular direction. Viewing each other as equals, stepping back to let others speak up and providing encouragement behind the scenes.

Balanced with…

Viewing each other as equals, stepping back to let others speak up and providing encouragement behind the scenes.

Passion & Empathy

Intense enthusiasm and energy geared toward a specific goal.

Balanced with…

Understanding and sharing the feelings of another through supportive actions.

Strategic Thinking & Pragmatic Approach

Strategic Thinking:
Tactical and well thought out plan for addressing business needs, based on theory as well as experience.

Balanced with…

Pragmatic Approach:
Handling situations in a down-to-earth, commonsense manner.

Candor & Trust and Respect

Communicating in an honest and straightforward manner.

Balanced with…

Trust and Respect:
A high regard for the unique value each and every person brings to the overall mission.

Sense of Humor & Professionalism

Sense of Humor:
The ability to laugh at ourselves and maintain a light-hearted perspective.

Balanced with…

The skill and good judgment we use to ensure we are putting our best foot forward.

Teamwork & Personal Ownership

The mutual, coordinated effort that combines the best qualities from each individual, while retaining one central focus.

Balanced with…

Personal Ownership:
Taking a personal stake in the role one plays in the success of the company.