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Our Evolution

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EZShield is Now a SontiqTM Brand

Sontiq ThumbprintWe are proud of our legacy and excited to be part of the next evolution of Intelligent Identity Security with Sontiq.

Sontiq was formed in 2019, when EZShield, a portfolio company of The Wicks Group and the leader in digital identity protection and resolution, acquired IdentityForce, the #1-rated identity theft protection provider for businesses and consumers. But our story goes back much farther than that, incorporating more than 60 years of combined identity security experience and groundbreaking innovations.

Take a look below to see where we’ve come from, and learn more about our combined history with Sontiq here.


Where We Started


As the pioneer and patent holder of Check Fraud Protection, restoration is at the core of EZShield’s offerings.


With its rapid restoration process and world-class support, Check Fraud Protection saw immediate acceptance in the marketplace. In response, EZShield leveraged these restoration assets to create industry-leading identity theft solutions.

Check Fraud Protection

Check fraud resolution in
3 days or less

EZShield Check Fraud Protection®
Launched in 2001, the EZShield Check Fraud Protection program was created by Custom Direct, a Maryland-based check printer, to deliver immediate restoration assistance to check fraud victims.

  • Protection includes altered, endorsed or forged checks
  • Advances funds up to $25,000 within 72 hours for qualified losses
  • Expert protection tips and timely news through Live Fraud Feed or
  • Certified Resolution Specialists
  • End2End DefenseSM 32-step recovery process
  • 24/7 live support
  • Check replacement

The program quickly gained praise, leading EZShield to become its own entity. Independently, EZShield partnered with members of the financial services industry to provide this sought-after program to their customers.

These partnerships have proven to be a win-win for all.

Customers enjoyed check fraud protection from their respective institutions and partners experienced increased customer loyalty, additional revenue streams and a boost to their bottom line.

Learn more about the EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program.

ID Restoration

Complete identity restoration from all fraud sources.

ID Restoration
While Check Fraud Protection offered superior restoration related to check fraud, customers sought protection against multiple forms of fraud. This led EZShield to offer ID Restoration to assist customers with fraud from the many credit and non-credit sources.

ID Restoration empowers individuals by reducing the damaging effects of theft, fraud, misuse and unintended exposure of personal and financial data.

In the event of fraud, victims have access to 24/7 live support to assist with the resolution and prevention of further identity crimes.


How We Grew

Secure + Restore:

Following a rise in identity crimes, customers wanted greater visibility of their identity protection. In turn, our partners turned to us in search of a secure, online component that would complement their existing services.


We listened — developing a proven technology platform backed by robust security controls and a secure online storage component to enrich both the partner and customer experience.

secure partner platform

Secure Partner Platform
We built a secure platform with our partners in mind. Partners enjoy a completely configurable website with adjustable product catalogs and a tailored point-of-access for their customers.

One of our primary differentiators as an identity protection service provider is our unique partner focus. Your organization’s needs are always paramount. Our team works with you to create a secure, online experience that will act as an extension of your brand.


Online Identity Vault
We built our customer platform with security in mind. Customers wanted more control of their personal information and protection, so EZShield developed state-of-the-art encrypted online wallet and storage to secure life’s most important data and documents — the Online Identity Vault.

The Online Identity Vault provides the visibility of information customers yearned for, while adding value to our partners’ offerings, all in a secure online environment backed by EZShield’s robust security controls and stringent processes.


Where We Are

Secure + Monitor + Restore

EZShield has become adept at providing customers with a helping hand in times of crisis. While this one-on-one assistance proved invaluable, a challenge remained: could such events be avoided altogether?


ID Restoration Pro for Consumers and Small Businesses
EZShield enhanced our offerings to include monitoring of critical non-credit and credit information, convenient mobile access and educational tips, thus developing our groundbreaking base package — ID Restoration Pro.

ID Restoration Pro

Consumers can take advantage of comprehensive ID Restoration Pro to protect their identities and add Family ID Restoration Pro to extend services to their loved ones.

Business ID Restoration Pro

Small Business owners can also benefit from improved protection from Business ID Restoration Pro.


Today Our Story Remains Strong

Keeping a close watch on the challenging landscape that we all deal with as consumers and listening to our partners’ needs, EZShield continues to develop protection solutions so valuable that we have received the industry’s highest praise.

Javelin Strategy & Research named EZShield 2018 Identity Protection Service Provider Best-In-Class award winner and a Leader in all 3 scorecard categories: Prevention, Detection and Resolution.

2018 Best In Class Javelin Award
2018 Javelin Awards

These awards highlight the unparalleled connection we share with our partners and the 25 million consumers and small businesses we serve.

Discover how easily you can enhance your organization’s customer experience and your bottom line with innovative value-add programs through EZShield Identity Protection.

2016 Javelin Awards