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Partner with a Winner— and Deliver Winning Solutions with EZShield

Deliver Winning Solutions with EZShield

Customers have a choice. Make their decision easier and give them an even greater reason to choose your financial institution.

That is the leverage an EZShield partnership provides; equipping you to help fight the ever-growing number of fraud sources, thereby, making you a customer’s source for fraud solutions.

And while your FI delivers award-winning fraud protection, you will have the dual benefit of growing your bottom line.

As a partner of EZShield, you reap the rewards of Best in Class fraud protection, as recognized by Javelin Strategy & Research in its 2013 Identity Protection Services Scorecard.

EZShield is very proud to be recognized as Best in Class, Best in Prevention and Best in Resolution. These awards reinforce for us that our partner model of enabling you to deliver identity and fraud protection services is right on target.

As a part of the Scorecard, Javelin asked survey participants where they want to get their identity protection. The overwhelming answer was you: their financial institution.

So, don’t let the regulatory environment limit your ability to serve your customers. Partner with a service provider whose model is to enable, not to sell. It is not the services that are the problem, it is the marketing tactics that direct-to-consumer providers carry over into the partnership environment. There is a right way to meet the needs of your customers.

The best for you and your customers:

  • Comprehensive protection services to address multiple sources of fraud
  • Product delivery strengthened through strategic partnerships
  • Ongoing communication to educate and remind consumers how they are being protected

Javelin is an organization that provides strategic insights into customer transactions, increasing sustainable profits for financial institutions, government, payments companies, merchants and technology providers.

About Laura Bruck

Laura, former VP of Marketing at EZShield, now a Sontiq brand, is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience leading marketing and supporting sales to develop partner solutions, transition to new markets, and achieve significant revenue growth.

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