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Home > Press Releases > EZShield Expands Monitoring Services to Arm Financial Institution Customers with Greater Identity Protection

BALTIMORE, MD EZShield, an industry-leading provider of secure, digital identity protection and resolution services for financial institution clients and their customers, has recently made Financial Account Monitoring and Financial Transaction Monitoring services available to financial institutions. These monitoring services are the latest in EZShield’s full range of identity protection solutions that institutions can offer to their customers.

EZShield’s comprehensive suite of identity protection and restoration services are designed to safeguard personal information and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft. Both the Financial Transaction Monitoring and Financial Account Monitoring services help financial institution customers proactively identify unusual or suspicious activity.

Financial Transaction Monitoring surveys a customer’s transactions to determine if activity is inconsistent with their established behavioral profile. Financial Account Monitoring is a complementary tool that monitors for instances where a customer’s identity is used in new account inquiries or to make accountholder changes to existing financial accounts. Customers will receive alerts of potentially fraudulent behavior found by either service. Once alerted, customers are then asked to indicate “Me” or “Not Me” to determine the validity of the activity.

“We’re excited to fully roll out these offerings and further round out our identity protection services as fraud continues to be a growing threat for financial institutions and the accountholders they serve,” said Laura Bruck, vice president of marketing and solutions strategy at EZShield. “We work hard to ensure that our financial institution partners provide best-in-class fraud and identity tools customizable to their specific needs in an effort to help them provide their customers the ultimate gift: peace of mind knowing their sensitive information is protected.”

The driving force behind the EZShield solution is the ID Pro Platform, which is supported by award-winning products and services like the Online Identity VaultTM, Password Manager, advanced monitoring and identity restoration services. Banks and credit unions can leverage EZShield’s identity protection and resolution tools as a value-added service offered to customers with their financial accounts.

EZShield equips financial institutions with the tools they need to better protect their accountholders’ sensitive information. As the go-to resource for customers experiencing fraud and identity theft, the financial institution can build stronger customer relationships and ultimately, increase retention rates.


About EZShield
EZShield helps trusted partners protect their most valuable asset – their customer relationships – through secure, digital identity protection and resolution services that enhance the value of existing products. The company is consistently recognized by Javelin as a leader in Identity Protection. Owned by the Wicks Group of Companies, L.L.C., EZShield supports thousands of financial institutions through its award-winning solutions, delivered on a secure, flexible platform that is backed by best-in-class customer support.