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Home > Press Releases > EZShield Introduces New Business Credit Suite, Featuring Business Credit Monitoring

BALTIMORE, MD – EZShield, an industry-leading provider of secure, digital identity protection and resolution services for partners and their customers, has introduced its Business Credit Suite for partners to offer specifically to their small business customers. This service is the latest addition to EZShield’s series of robust business protection services that feature Business Credit Monitoring, as well as additional business credit tools.

Business Credit Suite is a trio of service features that will help owners protect their business credit information and defend against misuse and fraud. Business Credit Monitoring will let owners know of changes to the credit report tied to their organization. By delivering prompt alerts when changes are found, business owners can address and ultimately resolve potential threats quicker by reaching out to EZShield’s Resolution Center.

Business Credit Suite also provides owners with their Business Credit Score and will send email notifications if the score has recently changed. Furthermore, owners can request and access a Business Credit Report through their online account at any time. Both of these features, used in concert with Business Credit Monitoring, aim to help the business owner maintain a close eye on the full scope of their business credit information.

“As small businesses continue to serve as a prime target for sophisticated cyber-attacks, we saw a definite need to further expand our service offerings to specifically address the unique needs of small businesses and the organizations they do business with,” said Laura Bruck, vice president of marketing and solutions strategy at EZShield. “By introducing our new Business Credit Monitoring service as part of our Business Credit Suite, our partners have an even greater opportunity to provide their small business customers with the specific level of protection they need while also increasing their own value to each business customer.”

The driving force behind EZShield’s extensive business protection services is the Business ID Pro platform, which is backed by award-winning products and services including the Online Business Identity Vault, Password Manager, security assessment and identity restoration services. Partners can leverage EZShield’s business protection and resolution tools as a value-added service offered to their small business customers in addition to their standard business services. By equipping business owners with tools to protect their sensitive business information and positioning the partner as the go-to resource for their customers experiencing fraud or identity theft events, the partner is able to build stronger customer relationships and ultimately, increase retention and loyalty.


About EZShield

EZShield helps trusted partners protect their most valuable asset – their customer relationships — through secure, digital identity protection and resolution services that enhance the value of existing products. The company is consistently recognized by Javelin as a leader in Identity Protection. Owned by the Wicks Group of Companies, L.L.C., EZShield supports thousands of financial institutions through its award-winning solutions, delivered on a secure, flexible platform that is backed by best-in-class customer support.