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Discover the valuable identity theft and fraud solutions EZShield provides to achieve partners’ goals and ensure customer satisfaction.

2017 ID Crime Report

In this report, we break down the identity crime climate to uncover best practices for launching an effective identity protection program.   Download our report now.
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eBook: Employers Handbook to Identity Protection

With the spike in cybercrime and data breaches, identity protection has become an integral component of in-demand benefits offerings. Learn how identity protection programs can foster employee loyalty and engagement.  Download our eBook today
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Consumer Protection

Prepare for the unexpected with identity crime protection that covers a consumer’s full spectrum of potential risks.
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Mobile App – DashAccess®

When it comes to keeping tabs on one’s identity, the DashAccess® mobile app provides customers the ultimate visibility of their identity protection right at their fingertips.
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eBook: The 2017 Field Guide to Identity Crimes

Gain insights and solutions to address fraud and identity theft with the help of our valuable eBook. The streamlined approach you need to fulfill account holder expectations and enhance your income opportunities.   Download our eBook now
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Customer Communications

Communicate the value of your fraud solutions to your customers via web, email, mobile and print to keep them informed and protected while reaping the convenience of multi-channel messaging.
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