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EZShield Mobile App


EZShield mobile datasheet cover

When it comes to keeping tabs on one’s identity, the EZShield Mobile App provides customers with the ultimate visibility of their identity protection right at their fingertips.

This game-changing app offers another layer of assistance to customers with our extensive suite of fraud and identity theft protection services. The addition of the EZShield Mobile App enables customers to securely access, store and edit their personal information, manage alerts, and receive timely breach and scam news at their convenience.

  • Encrypted access, featuring triple-layer security and utilizing biometric recognition, on any smartphone or tablet
  • Alerts can be managed the instant a customer clicks
  • On-the-go management of Secure Online Wallet and Vault-stored information, including access to their encrypted passwords
  • Streamlined upload of vital documents and photos (such as licenses, payment cards, and passports)
  • Available Mobile Attack Control™, to monitor and alert EZShield mobile app users to a wide array of threats including rogue apps, spyware, unsecured Wi-Fi connections, and even recognizes fake or “spoof” networks 

Help empower customers to take greater control of their identity with the EZShield Mobile App.

For further details about the benefits of the EZShield Mobile App, download the datasheet.

Those with fraud protection services powered by EZShield can take advantage of the complimentary EZShield Mobile App by downloading it at the App Store (Apple devices) or via Google Play (Android devices).