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EZShield makes a great partner of identity crime protection services for many reasons — the top six of which are listed below.
Explore comprehensive identity theft and fraud solutions that will increase your bottom line and enhance your existing offerings.

Why Partners Choose EZShield to Deliver Identity Protection

  • 100% Partner Model

    Seamless protection behind the scenes; leaving you at the center of your relationship. Learn more.

  • Valued Products

    EZShield’s products and services have protected over 15 million consumers and small businesses since 2001. Learn more.

  • Integrity and Compliance

    You will meet and exceed regulatory compliance requirements while driving revenue and providing value. Learn more.

  • World-Class Support

    Enjoy 24/7 live support and access to a US-based certified Resolution Specialist. Learn more.

  • Clear Communication

    Timely alerts and expert educational content to keep users in control of their identities. Learn more.

  • Proven Platform and Security

    Our platform architecture, secure controls and stringent processes ensure your data is protected. Learn more.

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