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15-Minute Webinar | Addressing Small Business ID Theft and Cyber Threats

diverse small business meeting

Many Small and Medium-Sized Businesses are worried about their financial risks, and in today’s digital environment, that concern couldn’t be more warranted. In fact, 50 percent of SMBs report low confidence in how to protect themselves, their employees and their customers from a cyberattack. With employee negligence raking as the #1 cause of a data breach incident, we’re here to address the evolving identity protection and mobile cybersecurity needs of SMBs. Continue reading

No More Windows XP Support – Why EZShield Thinks Your FI Should Care

No More Windows XP Support – Why EZShield Thinks Your FI Should Care

Microsoft will discontinue support of Windows XP in April 2014, a decision announced in an official statement in October 2013. This means that Microsoft will no longer monitor malfunctions and potential vulnerabilities of the XP operating system. As a result of this discontinuation, Microsoft will also cease to supply patches to protect against attacks to PCs of XP users. Without these XP updates and patches, PCs are more vulnerable to criminal attacks. For PC users, the solution is a simple upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 as soon as possible. But for the financial industry it is a bit more complicated.

Continue reading

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