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Social Media Trends Every Bank and Credit Union Should Know

banking social media trends

Does your bank belong on Snapchat? What should your credit union tweet about? Will Facebook’s algorithm ever be on your side again?

There’s a perfect storm swirling in the social-sphere that is creating a lot of questions for social media professionals in the financial services space.

As banks and credit unions increasingly try to engage consumers on social media, they’re often left defeated amidst waning attention spans, changing platforms and unfriendly algorithms. It’s the harsh reality of social media today, but it’s not all bad news.

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Real People Providing Real Customer Service and the Best in Identity Protection

Customer Service

A valuable question for any entity seeking to thrive: You hear me, but are you listening? This seemingly subtle distinction can make or break a customer service relationship. And when that relationship involves how you protect customers and their information, it makes a dramatic impact on how they view your service and whether they’ll stick around. Such as the contrast between a live human being and an automated system.

This is also a key difference that sets EZShield apart within the identity protection industry. We make effective customer communication a priority, by employing an onsite team of Resolution Specialists at our Maryland headquarters. These compassionate, respectful and detail-oriented individuals are trained and certified to serve all customer restoration needs.

And, our emphasis on clear, timely communication means customers have access to real people 24/7. No phone tree jungles, no robot receptionists, and absolutely no jumping from person-to-person. In a time of crisis, we know a helpful, human hand is just what your customers seek. That’s how EZShield operates.

Our commitment to being only a phone call away translates into extending the highest level of customer support. To that end, we continuously stay abreast of new technology. This is the impetus behind our ongoing upgrades and enhancements throughout our organization. From telecommunications to websites, we are dedicated to making improvements to how we deliver our services — doing whatever we can to support those who support our customers. Thus, we enable our Resolution Specialists to maintain their extraordinary care and expediency with addressing customer inquiries and handling customer cases seamlessly around the clock.

What makes our customer service Resolution Specialists so special?

  • They work out of our headquarters, in a secured area that doesn’t permit any personal devices.
  • Thirty percent of our specialists have been members of the EZShield team since our inception in 2001.
  • They employ End2End Defense®, our 32-step restoration process, to ensure every customer case is resolved to the fullest extent.
  • They request customer feedback (via a survey) for each interaction — with the goal of 100 percent satisfaction regarding customer service.
  • They utilize the latest technology to keep a pulse on call volume and to adapt to ever-changing customer service needs.

How do these customer service initiatives benefit our partners and their customers?

  • Extend greater peace of mind through award-winning service.
  • Offer more opportunities to build customer loyalty and retention.
  • Satisfy customers’ demand for effective identity protection.
  • Enhance customer experience when an issue does arise.

Putting It All Together
Our comprehensive protection — combining security, monitoring and restoration of personal and business information — is made possible by our entire company of dedicated professionals. But, the most direct link to customers is our support center. As the primary personal contact point for customers, they have the greatest opportunity to assess customer needs. This knowledge is then shared throughout EZShield to complete the communications loop, providing us with valuable insight to make service adjustments that align with these needs.

Get a glimpse of the valuable interactions customers have with EZShield Resolution Specialists from a few recent customer comments:

“I would like to say that [the Resolution Specialist] was wonderful handling my situation. My payroll company had been “hacked” and I was extremely upset with them. [The Specialist] helped me tremendously to ease my mind and gave me a lot of insight in my situation. I can’t thank her enough!” Susan C.  Brockton, MA

“I’m very satisfied with the service I received from your staff. Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly. Seemed to be genuinely concerned with my company’s needs. They explained the process and helped me with all my questions. Thank you for your support.” Betty V. Miami, FL

“I loved working with [the Resolution Specialist]. She took care of everything, had patience with my questions and got everything done quickly.” Debbie W. Downey, CA

Connect with Us
Every aspect of our business is guided by continuous customer service improvements — for which our Resolution Specialists play a vital role. Whether their interactions with customers lead to upgrades or changes in our identity protection offerings or how we provide service around those offerings, the one-on-one care provided is integral to our ongoing efforts to deliver best-in-class service. We are tuned in and we are listening. Leverage our partnership opportunities and tell us how we can help you strengthen customer relationships and grow your revenue.

Building a Financial Family: Customer Service in Banking

What matters most to your institution? Your customers, of course! Are they happy with their in-branch experiences? Are their needs being met at the drive-through? Do they have convenient access to services that make their lives easier? What about the quality of their online interactions? How do they find out about your new or updated services?

It’s not one — but the combination of these aspects that determines a customer’s satisfaction level in the financial industry. The root of your success is your ability to fulfill this amalgam of customer expectations. Some are basic and unchanging, like the need for high security. According to a 2013 Infosys Study, over 75 percent of people would consider changing banks if a competitor offered better assurances for securing their finances and personal data against fraud. But even seemingly smaller wants — such as monitoring services — can make a big difference to customer loyalty. Consider a finding by Javelin Strategy & Research that 44 percent of consumers seek fraud protection services from their financial institution.

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