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Tag Archives: data breaches

Cybercrime Costs Financial Services Sector More Than Any Other Industry

make the right investment in cybersecurity

Financial institutions spend three times more on cybersecurity than other industries, according to a new report by Kaspersky Lab.

This critical investment in cybersecurity is warranted as cybercrime continues to plague the industry. With record-breaking numbers of data breach events – and the growing sophistication of phishing scams – cybersecurity threats relentlessly target both financial institutions and the accountholders they’re responsible to protect.

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How Financial Institutions Can Better Protect Digital Consumers

digital consumers

Javelin Strategy & Research recently named EZShield an Identity Protection Leader — earning their highest recognition for identity theft resolution services among many other identity protection providers.

The announcement came as part of Javelin Strategy & Research’s Identity Protection Services Scorecard. The annual report highlights leaders in identity protection, current fraud trends and changing consumer needs.

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A Transparent Review of Data Security in 2017

data security awareness

Data Privacy Day is right around the corner! This international celebration occurs on January 28 and promotes advocacy for privacy and data security awareness — particularly the protection of personally identifiable information (PII).

EZShield is proud to be a Data Privacy Day Champion. And in doing our part to promote this event, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get #PrivacyAware with a transparent analysis of the current data security landscape and derive learning lessons as we move ahead.  Continue reading

Is One Year of Identity Protection Enough?

Resolving this and other missteps in customer care 

A few years into what has become a steady stream of data breaches, complimentary data protection often follows suit. This creates the illusion of protection. But, once you break through the surface of many free offerings, the wrapping is often more appealing than the contents.

From insufficient protection to the magnitude of hoops consumers must jump through to secure their exposed data—the holes in the system are becoming more apparent.

Currently, 50 million individuals in the U.S. are subscribed to complimentary or discounted identity protection services. Subscribers must navigate clunky websites, with minimal guidance and insufficient or ill-suited protection. And consumers are quickly realizing these quick fixes are not worth their time — seen in the four-year low enrollment rate of free or discounted protection. The current enrollment rate sits at just 37.2 percent.

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