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This Is It! The Ticket to Become Your Customers’ Trusted Content Source

When was the last time you evaluated the fraud and identity theft information you provide customers?

If you had to think about your answer for more than two seconds, not only is it time to reevaluate, but there was yet another victim of identity fraud.

The fact is, identity crimes persist — affecting 38.3 million Americans in 2015 per Javelin Strategy and Research. Such a damaging issue demands ongoing attention, proactive protection and prompt action, the combination of which provides the most effective strategy.

So why the focus on content? And how does it even fit into this strategy?

If it is the right (timely, clear, accessible) content, it integrates with all aspects of your identity protection plan for a perfect fit. The goal of this content is to clear up consumer confusion around identity crimes: what they are, why they happen, how they can be prevented and how to recover from them.

This starts with regularly updated fraud, data breach and scam news. It should highlight the details of what occurred and provide guidance to help avoid or reduce one’s impact from the situation — all with a levelheaded approach.

Valuable content does not rely on hype, but rather diffuses it.

Need another reason to supply compelling content? Consumers are information seekers. They want to be in the know. Providing customers with that level of up-to-date content empowers them and makes you a valued resource. In turn, it deepens customer trust and loyalty. Sixty-two percent of millennials indicate that online content drives their brand loyalty, according to NewCred.   

On the other hand, if your content is outdated, customers will be left scouring for information on their own, which means they’ll be navigating away from your site.   

Now that you know what the “right” content can and should do for you, it’s time to deliver it A.S.A.P. One of the best ways to make that happen is by partnering with EZShield.  We enable our partners to easily provide outstanding fraud and identity theft information to their customers via EZShield’s communication platforms or directly to the partner’s website using our Live Fraud Feed. 

And we can’t overstate how easy it is to implement the Live Fraud Feed either. We supply the JavaScript to copy and paste into the partner’s HTML just once upon set-up.

As creators and purveyors of award-winning* content, from our EZShield social platforms to our educational blog and our email communications for partners and their customers to our mobile app, we have the meaningful and far-reaching messaging to bring your content up to speed. The timely speed consumers expect.

How do we do it? Fueled by our industry expertise and commitment to delivering leading identity protection services through our secure platform, we remain tapped into the latest fraud and scam news, data breaches, data security vulnerabilities, information protection regulations, encryption technology and all other relevant identity crime news.

How can you take advantage? Harness this valuable information through our Live Fraud Feed to keep your customers in the know.  

It’s as simple as…

  1. Deciding where you want our content to appear on your website
  2. A one-time copy and paste of our JavaScript into your HTML
  3. Enjoying our live content on your site from any device

Learn more about our Live Fraud Feed and connect with us today to deliver award-winning content that makes you a trusted source your customers can grow to depend on.

Download our free Live Fraud Feed data sheet.


* 2016 Communicator Award Winners in 10 categories.


About Laura Bruck

Laura, former VP of Marketing at EZShield, now a Sontiq brand, is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience leading marketing and supporting sales to develop partner solutions, transition to new markets, and achieve significant revenue growth.

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