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Training & Development

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Career Development

EZShield sees employee development as an ongoing process,
and we will strive to help our employees establish and meet their goals for the future.

Training and Skill Development

At EZShield, we believe that people take pride in their work, and want to be challenged to reach higher. We value and encourage their development and offer a supportive environment where they have ongoing opportunities to gain experience and expand their skills, both through on the job training and external learning and networking. We view training as a collaborative effort between managers and employees, and a continuous means to career growth.

New Employee Orientation and Assimilation Process

Each employee’s journey with us toward professional growth and development begins on the first day of employment at EZShield. We believe in helping every new employee get off to a fast and productive start by learning the business and understanding what makes EZShield and its team of employees successful. Ensuring this strong support system and helping new team members learn the business from every angle, is critical to helping them transition into our organization.

Career Growth

While we believe that an individual is ultimately the driving force behind his/her own success, we recognize our role in helping our employees develop their careers and strive for excellence. Moreover, we reward them with total compensation and recognition based on individual and Company performance.

Throughout your career at EZShield, you will have opportunities to participate in training, on the job and through external development experiences. All of these opportunities focus on strengthening your skills, preparing you for new challenges, and enabling you to contribute to the business in meaningful ways every day.

Educational Assistance and Professional Development Program

EZShield encourages an environment of continuous learning. The goal of this program is to aid and encourage employee self-development, and to support the development of future leaders within our organization. Through this program, employees may receive reimbursement for tuition and associated costs in areas related to a current job assignment, or one that is reasonably associated with our business and organization. Professional certification and skill building opportunities are also supported through this program.